Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hemp vs Bamboo Who will win?

I have been wondering this question for awhile, but then a mama on a FB page asked too. So I decided I would test this with my hemp/bamboo inserts.
I have mostly hemp inserts, but a few Blueberrys bamboo ones, so this test is a bit biased, but I think it's still valid.
Test Subject:
Blueberry bamoo large insert 70% bamboo 30% Organic cotton
Thirsties Hemp prefold 55% hemp 45% cotton
Hemp Babies insert 55% hemp 45% cotton
Green Mountain Diaper insert 55% hemp 45% Cotton

All of these I love for so many different reasons, and I super happy to share my love of them with you.
only one is missing is the GMD which I added later. . . Plus it doesn't have a tag
Hemp Babies-6 oz in the jar to start out with

Now only 3 oz left in the jar= Hempbabies holds 3 oz dripping wet
Thirsties next to the 4 cups or  32 oz

After: 1 1/2 cups or 12 oz!
Blueberry Bamboo doubler
1 1/4 cup or 9-10 oz
9 oz of water and trying out the GMD hemp doubler
This was just funny looking at!!! lol
5 1/2 oz left so that means this super thin doubler holds 3 1/2 oz

Here are the stats.

 Now looking at my poster board, with the hemp doublers there was a pretty equal ratio of the cotton and hemp (55%/45%) but it held just as much as the bamboo ones but had a higher content (70%/30%). So this in my mind is telling me that hemp does in fact hold more than bamboo.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Soon!

How to make your own wool longies and a cover!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making your own diaper cream!

I have found out with cloth diapeing the joy of making/doing things yourself. Self reliance is fantastic! I am worrying less and less with the "What if" of life. So after looking at a lot of ingredients on different creams, I have decided they all have these things in common:
  • Coconut oil (CO)
  • Lavender oil (LO)
  • Tea tree oil (TTO)
  • Lanolin
  • Coconut oil

 So after a night thinking about if my plan to attempt to make my own cream would work, I attempted it. And I'm so glad I did..

Ok so the ingredients listed above. You can put whatever smell you want (lavender is my smell of choice). I wouldn't use anything citrus-y because the acid could possibly erode PUL if you use it.
1. I measured out how much my containers hold. I have two containers and so I put about a cup of coconut oil into a double boil type pan. I hadn't let the water boil yet, just warm water and the heat just barely turned on. Coconut oil melts pretty fast so we don't want to "cook" the oil, just melt.

 2. Once the oil has started to melt, I added the lanolin, and the two essential oils. If you pick to use tea tree oil, DO NOT PUT A LOT. A 2-4 drops max. TTO is extremely potent. My bottle of TTO doesn't have a control valve or a dropper so I had to wing it and used to much the first time I made the cream. The "smell" oil can be to your liking.

3.Once the everything has been melted and stirred you are ready to pour into your containers. I am upcycling old California Baby lotion containers and a use less container my sister gave me.

4. Once it hardens (I put it in the fridge for to cool it faster) stir it so that it will be nice and creamy.

**This is my first time using the lanolin. I am not sure how well it will work. I added it to make it creamier, but I am not sure because I have yet to stir the cream. If you are worried about your diapers, you can opt out of using the lanolin. I will post an update in about a month.


Monday, August 8, 2011

bumGenius 4.0

Head over to Large Bummies to read my review for the chubster and a bumGenius!!!

There is also a bumGenius review over at 

Monday, July 25, 2011


Thank you for reading our blog. You might be wondering how this blog works? Well on the the right side of the page there are different links to the Newborn, Skinny, and Average, and Large Bummies blogs. With every baby there are just as many shapes as there are personalities. Each baby is different. With that in mind, my friends who also cloth diaper and I would love to help you cloth diapers your baby.
If you have any problems with troubleshooting with stripping, fit, stink issues, please comment and we will be happy to help!